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Powerful Medicine - Vitamin D

What are the dangers of vitamin D deficiency? What are the benefits of vitamin D?

The book, Powerful Medicine: Vitamin D is the inside scoop on what has become a very real health crisis around the world.

Why we're seeing skyrocketing cases of cancer, MS, diabetes, osteoporosis, seasonal affective disorder, autism, hypertension and more?

Want to know how vitamin D operates in the body and what all the hype is about?

Or what happens when your vitamin D levels are inadequate and therefore unavailable for protection?

What can healthy levels of vitamin D do for you?

  • Halt tumor growth and reduce tumor size
  • Improve heart health by regulating blood pressure
  • Improve insulin production and regulate blood sugar levels
  • Improve chances of survival from cancer related surgery
  • Keep bones healthy by regulating calcium levels
  • Improve mental health
  • Provide protection from the common cold, viruses
  • And much, much more!

Powerful Medicine explains all that and more. We delve into the politics of sunshine, what a RDA really means. We'll also explain the complex functioning of vitamin D in the body and how it's not really a vitamin at all, but a hormone that acts on over 200 genes in the body. Don't worry - there's easy to understand images that explain all this scientific mumbo jumbo. And Part II is entirely devoted to specific conditions and diseases that are linked to vitamin D deficiency such as breast cancer, lung cancer, depression and bone diseases. Giving concrete solutions for optimal vitamin D levels and supportive naturopathic remedies based on getting your body back in balance.

By reading this book you are stepping onto a path that will ultimately protect you and your loved ones from the natural consequences of vitamin D deficiency.

In light and health,

Lucinda Messer, N.D. and Sidse Powell

Vitamin D Benefits, Powerful Medicine - Vitamin D

Vitamin D Benefits, Powerful Medicine - Vitamin D

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